Online Dating Safety Tips

Advice for Dating Safety and Success

Dating is one of those extensive topics. It is multilayered meaning there is always an aspect of it worth talking about. This time let’s talk about online dating safety tips as well as first date conversation tips and dating tips for new relationships to help get things off to a strong start. Could you benefit from those? Of course you could. Let’s jump right in.

few dating tips for new relationships

Online Dating Safety Tips

Online dating safety tips are first because it’s the precursor to all the good that can come because of online dating. Obviously, you want to meet people you have connected with online. Those connections can lead to amazing first dates and even better relationships but to get there, you must be safe. There are a lot of kind, genuine people online but there is a fair share of predators, criminals, and scammers as well. To stay safe from them all, always make sure to:

  • Avoid sharing certain personal information.

This includes your last name, contact information and social media handles. Anyone can use this information to learn a lot more about you which isn’t always a good thing. Before you know it, they know all about your past, where you went to school, where you work, and where you currently reside. That information in the wrong hands can be a huge problem.

  • Immediately stop speaking to anyone who asks for money.

This is obviously a scammer who is trying to get your money. In an attempt to do this successfully, they will try to manipulate your feelings.

  • Proceed with caution if strong feelings are expressed early on.

This can be a warning sign of a lot of things. The person may be emotionally unstable or trying to manipulate you.

  • Always meet dates in a public place.

Online dates are strangers no matter how long you have exchanged messages on the chosen website or app. Arranging dates so you can meet in person is fine but make sure it is in a public place. This can be a park, café, restaurant or even a club. Additionally, don’t go anywhere private until after a few dates.

amazing first dates

First Date Conversation Tips

Once you get a date you want to ensure it goes well. The easiest way to do that is great conversation. You want to avoid awkward silences and absolute boredom. To do that plus set the tone for a romantic connection, take the following into account.

  • Admit that you’re nervous.

This is an excellent icebreaker. Evening the playing field helps you and your date relax and help the conversation flow.

  • Ask questions.

Questions are the best way to promote the back and forth conversation every good date needs. Before the date, come up with a few good ones to ask. Also remember that you can’t go wrong by asking dates about their favorite hobbies, interests, favorite travel destination and so forth. Getting people to talk about things they love often results in them letting their guard down.

  • Don’t try to “one up” your date.

People tend to do this when they’re nervous or trying to impress their date too much. It is annoying either way and makes the conversation seem like it’s all about you and how great you are.

  • Don’t lie.

In addition to getting off to a bad start, you probably aren’t even good at lying and your date will be able to tell, and you will ruin your chance of seeing that person again.

Lastly, let’s round this out with a few dating tips for new relationships. Obviously, you want to start a new romance off right. One way to do that is getting over your fear of being vulnerable. This will help you open up to your new partner and help establish a relationship with depth. Moreover, stay in the moment. The start of a relationship is a time of discovery, excitement, and curiosity so treat it as such. And finally, don’t let your past play a role in the present. Otherwise, you can ruin a really good thing. We have all had bad experiences in love, but those experiences shouldn’t’ carry over into a new romance. Instead, seek closure if necessary then move on. And whatever you do, don’t get into the habit of comparing past partners with your current one (even if the comparison is favorable).

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