First Date Tips for Women

First Date Tips for Women

First dates are exciting but also somewhat nerve-racking. You want to look good, want to make a good first impression, you hope for chemistry, romance and even more importantly, you want to be memorable, especially if your date is a person you see yourself with. If you’re dating internationally, your first date may take place online via video chat which is fine. Virtual first dates make sense in this situation. You can impress someone over the internet as much as you can in person. The only drawback is the physical contact. Either way, these first date tips will apply. Let’s get started!

Prepare for Engaging Conversation

First on this list of dating tips for women is to prepare for engaging conversation. Without it, a date can get really dull really fast. Even if you’re shy, or introverted, you’re capable of having a lively and very engaging conversation with your date. Rather than planning to let him do all the talking or “go with the flow”, aim for conversation that actually helps people connect on a deeper level. To do this, aim for topics that will show intelligence or curiosity. If you happen to be cultured, that is an excellent direction to go in as well.

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Get in the Right Headspace

In addition to the aforementioned conversation preparation, prepare your mind as well. Mindset is everything when it comes to first dates. Again, whether you are dating online or meeting a man in person, you need to be in the right headspace. In this situation, the right headspace is one in which you feel energetic, confident, worthy and, of course attractive. A few ideas to help get to this point include:

Listening to and dancing to a few of your favorite songs as you get ready.
This will help you loosen up prior.
Work out.
This will release mood-boosting endorphins and give your confidence a boost as well. Anything from lifting to time on the treadmill or even a quick walk around your block will do a lot of good.
Taking a warm bath or treating yourself to a manicure or pedicure.
This helps you relax while also making you feel pampered.
Take part in an activity that feeds your soul (paint, write, draw, read a book).
Basically, do anything that puts you in a good mood.

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Ensure That You Look Good

Then, switch your focus to your appearance. When you look good, you feel good so aim to look your best. Style your hair in a way that compliments your bone structure, apply makeup that enhances your natural beauty, and choose an outfit that compliments your figure in a color equally complimentary to your skin tone.

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Body Language

Once the date begins, you want to watch your body language as much as what you say. In addition to keeping conversation engaging, keep your body language open so you appear opening and welcome rather than closed off. To do this, avoid things like folding your arms or turning away from your date, even if online and communicating via webcam. Additionally, when your date says something interesting, lean in to show that you’re interested and don’t forget mirroring. This is one of the best first date tips and online dating tips due to its effectiveness at improving communication between two people. As you are communicating either online via video chat, subtly copying the behaviors of your date enhances attraction while showing that you are interested. Smiling when he’s smiling, leaning in when he does and so forth has quite an impact.

Be Desirable

Lastly, focus on desire. Women think there is some special trick to fuel a man’s desire, but the truth is, the only way to do that is by being yourself. A confident woman who knows who she is is desirable. When you truly feel it, your confidence and self-assuredness radiate from you which draws men in. Confidence, especially on a first date, is desirable for several reasons. First, it makes you intriguing. Men are drawn to the aura that confident women give off. Secondly, it encourages positive thinking for the people around you. Naturally, your date wants to be around a positive person that makes them feel good. Furthermore, confidence asserts knowledge and knowledge is sexy.

And those are the first date tips every woman should know. A little self-care combined with a few date preparations and the ability to keep conversation flowing will ensure that your date goes well.

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