Practical tips for online daters

Practical tips for online daters

If you are dating online, you will probably have lots to say about it. This innovative way of meeting another person for possible partnership or other interest is the offshoot of digital technology in general and smartphones in particular. It has transformed a person’s lifestyle, especially in establishing romantic relationships.

There are practical guidelines and useful as dating tips for new relationships so daters can follow smooth and safe route toward successful partnership.

5 speed dating tips

Websites often organized social activities where speed dating happens for people seeking romantic relationships. They can have brief conversations with potential partners in order to determine whether there have mutual interests. First date tips can help build long-term partnership..

  1. Proper attire – Casual business attire is recommended. You will look sharp, but it isn’t too formal
  2. Be on time – Reach the venue before the activity is scheduled start socializing and making friends before the actual speed date.
  3. Avoid the usual questions – Don’t ask your speed partner the same ubiquitous questions as everyone does.
  4. As part of dating tips for men, stay longer after the event, Continue socializing with new friends.
  5. Connect with your match – Send an email to your fave match right after the event and invite her for a cool drink or her favorite dessert.

Dating tips for teens

5 dating tips for women

  1. Physical or financial attributes are not top priorities. Focus on character traits, personality type, and value systems.
  2. Listen to your guts. Women are very intuitive when it comes to behaviors. Watch for red alert during your first date that will be another indicator that the guy is not the right person for you.
  3. Keep away from men who love their drinks. Avoid men who are using substances like alcohol or drugs.
  4. Know your sexual boundaries. Women confuse sex and sexual desires with the guys they found interesting.
  5. Dating tips for women follow the advice of Doris Day, “What will be, will be”. Do not consider every date a potential husband. Take one date at a time and look at them as partner to have fun.

5 dating tips for men

This might as well include first date tips for men. Men are sometimes reluctant to date as they do not know what to do.

  1. Be yourself. No facade will hide your true nature for long. Do no pretend to be what you are not.
  2. Act like a gentleman to everyone. Knights have no more horses and shields but they are still around. They do not limit their assistance only to ladies in distress but to all.
  3. Have integrity and humility. Be honest in your words and actions. Do not brag about your bank account, fast cars and sexy women.
  4. Ask her out first. He will initiate any further activities after the first meeting. Just like speed dating tips, the man must not expect the woman to make the first move.
  5. Accept a woman for what she is. The lady might be a tramp but she deserves to be respected and protected.Sexy Boyfriend Carrying Girlfriend at his Back

5 online dating safety tips

  1. Always meet online date in a public place. You will be safe in a place where there are people. A restaurant or coffee shop would provide enough safety.
  2. Tell a family member or friend about your date, including details and when you expect to go home.
  3. Drive yourself to the date and drive home by yourself. If you have no car, call a taxi or a friend to drive you home. Don’t ever ride in a car of a person you have just met.

4, Always stay sober, do not drink liquor. Your body and mind are at its weakest when you are under the influence of drugs.

  1. Follow your gut feeling – be alert for danger. Call the police or a friend.

Top 3: First Date Tips


Some of the best dating tips for teens are: to heed their parents’ advices, respect each other and learn self-protection from emotional and physical hurt.

Dating tips for new relationships can be summarized in a single statement: do not start dating a badass, they are only found on TV series. Also look beyond appearances and behavior, once you are alone with a date, you have no protection unless, you have the powers of Wonder Woman. Successful online relations are not as easy as it seems. Take time and follow these tips to find your way to a right partner!


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