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Basic information about Brilic

This relatively new dating app appeared on the market a few years ago, and it’s already super popular among single people all around the world. It’s available for both Android and iOS devices, which makes it compatible with any smartphone or tablet PC.

Thanks to its stylish and minimalistic interface, it’s easy for any customer to get used to the app and its functionality. After registration you do have a 3-days trial, and during this period you can try out and learn all the extensive features of the

Pros and Cons of the app

Among Brilic advantages users highlight the following:

  1. High security level. The app provides maximum anonymity and privacy. You do, however, need to verify your Facebook account, so that the system accepts you as a real human being. The number of fake accounts is super low, so it’s highly unlikely that you might face one in the course of your online dating experience. If you ever suspect a person of not being someone he or she represents on the site, please feel free to contact the Brilic Support team, who will get back to you as soon as possible. The suspected profile will be thoroughly investigated and asked to provide extra evidence of its authenticity. In case of the profile being fake, it going to be deleted immediately and permanently.
  2. The free trial. Most of the dating apps are paid, and it’s explained by the higher security level and the higher level of service in general. In spite of being paid, Brilic provides a 3-days free trial for every new customer, which makes it possible to explore the app and dating option it provides. After the trial expiration, you can purchase the app for a very budget-friendly price, especially compared to some well-known dating services. The Brilic team strives for being available and affordable for any person, regardless of his or her financial status and location.
  3. Great level of services. The interface of the app is super easy to understand and it characterized by stable work. Thanks to the convenient messenger, you can exchange not only written notes, but also pictures, photos, and even virtual gifts. For any activity you can earn credits, which will help you find true love more quickly.
  4. International communication. If you’re interested in interracial relationships and marriage, this app will help you out for sure. It’s available in the most countries of the world, including Asia and Africa. Just set up location, and begin searching! It’s super convenient to arrange a date in advance if you’re going to visit any specific country. With Brilic app you can do so in a blink of an eye, without any difficulties and long conversations. Another great option is that any profile information includes languages the person speaks, so you won’t have to overcome a language barrier.
  5. No automatic matches. Many popular dating apps use machine match-making system based on user settings or psychological tests. Brilic app doesn’t trust machines when it comes to human relationships. It gives the users the opportunity to communicate and get to know each other before jumping into conclusions or rely on the computer programs’ choice. Customers are free to evaluate the level of compatibility by themselves and decide whether they want to build relationships with the particular from google play

Brilic options and interface overview

Visually the app looks pretty appealing to the most users, based on their reviews. The minimalistic and trendy design prevents the eyes from getting tired too soon, and the neutral color scheme makes it acceptable for any used, regardless of his or her personal preferences.

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You can register with your Facebook or Google account, as well as using an email address. After the registration you get a 3-days trial period, during which you can explore the app and probably find a potential

The app isn’t too extra with its options either. There’re only most commonly used and important features to try out. For example, you can set up a certain location and search for people, who’re staying there at the moment. Another feature is the messenger. It’s super convenient, stable working and allows customers to send photos and virtual gifts. Of course, you have to buy credits for sending gifts, but you can also earn them for activity within the app.

All in all, Brilic is a trustworthy, safe and fun app for finding not only serious relationships, but also friendships, dating abroad and many other exciting stuff to try. Your personal data is safe, and there’re all necessary options for the quality online dating experience.

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