online dating tips for men

First Date Tips for Men

Guys, no matter how good a dater you think you are, everyone could use a few tips. There is always something you could do better or an approach you can take that will yield better results. This is especially so for those who have been single for a while and have yet to find someone they really click with. Let’s go over some online dating tips for men as well as a few first date tips to give your game the boost it needs to reach the next level.

First, let’s talk online dating tips for men because today, that is usually how men get to actual first dates. What you want to keep in mind when meeting women online is that the endgame is taking the relationship off the site. Of course, it has its purpose, but you don’t want to use it as a crutch. You need the site’s extensive database to meet available women, utilize their communication features to make connections, and then you want to take the relationship offline by arranging dates. To do that successfully, consider the following tips:

  • Find the sites that are right for you.

Do your research to see which ones are a good fit. Consider the women you want to meet (local women, Russian women, Ukrainian women) then read articles and reviews about the sites that stand out to you as well as the features they offer along with membership prices.

  • Add personality to your profile.

It is all about you so make it your own.

  • Be specific in your messages.

Women can tell when a man is sending the same messages to all the women he comes across. Instead, write messages individually and be specific in your messages by mentioning something you read in her profile.

few first date tips

  • Ask questions.

Questions say, “I’m interested and want to learn more about you” which is flattering. Enough said. How else will you get to know each other?

  • Make a move.

When you’re ready to take things to the next level, bring it up. After flirting enough and establishing that there is something worth exploring, start talking about meeting in person.

  • Respect boundaries.

It’s unfortunate but men these days have a habit of being rude and/or pressuring women into meeting with them when they seem reluctant. Don’t be that guy. Instead, respect a woman’s boundaries. While some are fine with meeting after chatting for a week, others need longer.

First Date Tips

So, the advice above has landed you a first date, or a few? Excited? You should be! Here’s how to make sure it goes off without a hitch. These first date tips for men are gold.

  • Design a date that makes sense.

An example of this would be the basic dinner and a movie date. Instead of going to dinner and then the movie, watching the film first will make for lively dinner conversation.

  • Relax and be normal.

Nerves have a habit of making people act weird. Don’t do that.  Instead, do something before your date that will help you relax. Try rocking out to some music or work out before you shower and head out.

  • Arrive on time.

Women hate when you’re late. To make things worse, being late on a first date makes a terrible first impression.

First Date Tips

  • Compliment her.

There’s no better way to start a date than with a meaningful compliment.

  • Have a few conversations starters up your sleeve.

This will avoid those awkward silences while presenting yourself as an excellent conversationalist.

  • Kiss with caution.

Some women are open to ending the first date with a kiss while others are not. Watch her body language and eyes closely. They’ll tell you whether she’s down or not.

After a successful first date, don’t forget to keep in touch. The goal is to keep communication completely open. You want to get in touch with her and want her to be comfortable enough to contact you. Throw out any rules you may have heard like waiting 72 hours to contact her. If you like the girl, tell the girl and let your actions clarify the message.

These dating tips for men are super simple to follow and they work. Give them a try and enjoy the results.


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